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How can I interact with participants and instructors on the course? - Knowledgebase / Online courses - School Education Gateway Support

How can I interact with participants and instructors on the course?

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There are multiple ways of interacting with your peers and instructors, so choose the one that suits you best.

Padlets: You can share your thoughts on a video with your peers using the Padlet below it. This is similar to a noticeboard in a workshop, where everyone jots down their thoughts on a small post-it; make sure to use it in such a way. For example, this is not a good place to post a question for the instructors, as it is difficult for them to reply to you directly.

Social Media: You can share any specific or general thoughts/questions on social media. We monitor both the course's Facebook group and the Twitter hashtag associated with the course. Instructors will try to respond to your questions as soon as possible, but we encourage participants to help each other - if you know the answer to a question, please do not hesitate to post it. Social media are ideal for engaging your peers in a discussion and sharing resources. Please also feel free to create your own social media environments (for example, a Facebook group for teachers of a certain country following the course).

Forum: There is also a course forum you can use for questions and discussions. Please make sure to use the corresponding forum category: there are separate forum categories for lost and found peer reviews (e.g. in case of missing documents), for learning diaries, and more general ones for recommendations and issues that don't fit with any of the other categories. For technical issues we recommend you to use other channels.

Contact form: If you have a question about the course and want to reach out to the course staff  you can contact our team using this form. For a quick reply, please be sure to select the relevant course title. If you have a technical issue please first search the rest of our Knowledgebase.

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