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How can I add an organisation to my profile? - Knowledgebase / Accounts, Registration & Log-in - School Education Gateway Support

How can I add an organisation to my profile?

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To add an organisation to your profile, check first if your organisation already exists in the database. We recommend you to search for your organisation by PIC (Participant Identification Code) first. But if you don't know it, you can search by location.

The organisation profiles in this database are created by users only and it may not include your town or organisation yet. If your organisation was not found, you will be able to create its profile yourself. In this case, you will automatically become its admin user. If your organisation has been already created by another user, you can send a membership request to the current admin user, who can either accept it or decline it. Once your request is accepted, you will become a member of your organisation.

All members of an organisation can add, edit, and delete listings. The organisation admin can also edit the organisation's information and contact details, add and remove other members, and transfer the role of admin user to another member.

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